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Centerfield Solar gained approval on its FILOT

North Carolina Renewable Energy is excited to announce that during the latest Chesterfield County Council meeting on November 6th, Centerfield Cooper Solar gained approval on its FILOT inducement resolution package for a $78,000,000.00 private sector expansion.
Following several months of reading sessions for the FILOT by Chesterfield’s County Council, they voted unanimous approval to Centerfield Cooper Solar’s inducement resolution.
According to Chesterfield County Newspaper, The Link, the solar project not only brings significant funds to the local economy but could provide upwards of 50 temporary jobs into the community.
This means that NCRE’s flagship project in SC is one major step closer to construction and operation.
The 105 MW DC project is expected to be up and producing energy for Santee Cooper Electric by Nov. 2020. Centerfield Cooper Solar is NCRE’s largest South Carolina solar project in the queue to date.

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