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Hopewell Friends Solar Reaches NTP

Another solar development from NCRE reached NTP this January. The project was sold to Cypress Creek Renewables, who will construct the site as well as take charge of operations and maintenance.

The 1.3 MW project in Asheboro, NC has been under development for several months and will be completed before the end of next year.

The Hopewell Friends 1.3 MW plant will provide clean energy for Randolph County in eastern NC. The interconnection will be through Randolph Electric EMC utility, and the off-taker is NCEMC. This project is comprised of 5,396 PV modules, and the companies estimate that it will generate enough power to serve the needs of hundreds of homes in the region.

NC has come out to the fore as a regional leader of solar capacity in the U.S. South, being one of the few States in the with a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) policy, which mandates utilities to purchase or generate a growing amount of their electricity from renewable energy sources.