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Irish solar energy specialist BNRG has struck a new partnership deal

Irish solar energy specialist BNRG Renewables Limited has struck a new partnership deal in the US state of Virginia, boosting its total project portfolio in the American solar market by nearly 100 MW.

Based in Dublin, BNRG develops and operates solar farms in the Irish Republic, Europe, the US and Australia. The company has closed a development agreement with Eastern US solar development player NCRE to develop projects ranging from 5 MW to 30 MW in America’s hottest and fastest growing market.

BNRG Executive Director, Nick Holman,  said that the agreement follows as a logical expansion of BNRG’s success in other US states like Oregon and Maine. “We were already exploring the Virginia market before the Virginia Clean Economy Act passed in early 2020 and the mandated Renewable Portfolio Standard for electricity generation to be completely carbon free by 2045 has accelerated the whole market for solar projects”.

The partnership with NCRE is expected to grow as both companies continue their expansion in the solar energy market in Virginia. “Our business is built on strong, long-term relationships both with the financiers of the projects and the counties and landowners we work with” said Frank Dekker, Managing Partner of NCRE. This new partnership will pair NCRE’s decade of experience with solar development on the American East Coast, with BNRG’s resources and the adaptability that comes from international renewable investment.

The initial portfolio of 7 projects is currently under development, with the first project commencing construction in early 2022.