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NCRE has grown from a small regional developer in North Carolina to a company with more than 5,000 megawatts of solar projects under development. So much clean solar power is the equivalent of more than half a million homes. At the core of our success are the relationships we nurture with the landowners that host the projects we develop.

Solar leases and purchase agreements are at the heart of these landowner relationships. Since we started 10 years ago, these agreements have evolved from a ‘wild west’ to a professional and financeable standard. NCRE is proud to have helped create these documents and we are protective of the needs of both the landlord to the energy facility and the financing companies that will pay the rent.



Our team negotiates with nationwide firms with millions of acres, to individual landowners who seek to supplement their farming or logging income by leasing out parts of their land for solar and energy storage projects. Each one is just as important to us, and we value the positive relationships that come from every interaction.

Perhaps most of all, we are proud of the many word of mouth recommendations that landowners, attorneys and counties put forward after working with NCRE. It is our reputation that will give you as the landowner the comfort that you are in good hands.

Thank you for being part of our family and the opportunity to generate income and enhance the environment.

If you want to learn more and explore if your land is suitable for one of our developments, please connect here.

In partnership with other thought leaders, NCRE is proud to support love.solar, a portal where landowners and the community can learn more about the facts and science about large scale solar projects. Please reach out if you have any questions about the effect of solar on your land or your community. We think solar development is one of the most benign and economically best uses of real property.

On the love.solar portal you can read more about many questions people have. In particular you may want to review Soil Quality, Biodiversity and Property Rights.


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