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Morning View Solar Achieves NTP Milestone

Another shining development achievement from NCRE, as their project Morning View Solar reached NTP this January. The project was sold to Cypress Creek Renewables, who will build the site, and assume operations and maintenance.

This project, located just outside of Seagrove, NC has been in development for over a year and will be operational by the end of next year. This is one more success for NCRE and PS Renewables, who have been developing a continuous flow of project developments across Eastern United States. Morning View Solar sits nestled on 15 acres of a 100 acre agricultural plot in Randolph County, North Carolina. The 2-megawatt solar farm consists of rows of solar collectors mounted to the ground and is expected to power around 458 homes. The power generated by the solar panels will go into the NCEMC grid to power local homes.