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NCRE adopts environmental guidelines

NCRE is proud to be one of the first solar developers in the US to design all of its solar PV projects to the voluntary Low Impact code published recently by the NCSEA.

The Low Impact code sets guidelines for solar developments to minimize the impact on flora and fauna around the project location.

The code harnesses various voluntary and innovative design principles that were seen by solar developers as good industry practise into one document.

“As a company developing renewable energy, respect for the planet and our natural environment is in our DNA” says Alexandria Hernandez, General Manager of NCRE. “We already design in many benefits such as wild flower meadows, migration paths, pollinator habitats and native planting into our project developments. This code further solidified the importance of energy generation and nature living in harmony”.

In total NCRE is developing more than 11,000 acres across the US.
Soon these will be biodiversity havens.