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NCRE announces new membership in the Virginia Loggers Association

NCRE is proud to announce its new membership in the VLA “Virginia Loggers Association”.  This partnership will increase the representation of solar development and timbering as a mutually beneficial relationship within their respective industries.

The VLA has over 300 business members. Of those, an estimated 10,000 loggers are represented. In addition to NCRE, the VLA works with large corporate members like WestRock, Enviva, Georgia Pacific, and Bank of America, among many others.

Tom Garrett, former US Representative; currently NCRE’s VA political consultant said; “We (NCRE) are the first Solar Development Company ever to partner with the VLA, the largest professional organization representing the interest of loggers in Virginia. They are the largest and oldest such organization in VA, and we are excited to move forward with the VLA to bring Virginia into a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.”

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow and evolve in Virginia, it begins to affect everyone; from energy customers getting lower energy rates through renewable community programs, to counties, business owners, and landowners partnering and benefitting from solar and wind developments. NCRE is committed to working with the people of VA to bring clean, affordable solar energy into the state.

For more information on development opportunities, or to connect with someone from NCRE’s commercial or technical departments, please follow this link.