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NCRE joins the American Solar Grazing Association!

NCRE is proud to announce its new membership to the ASGA “American Solar Grazing Association”. 
The ASGA is a not for profit trade association founded and managed by sheep farmers who have entered the PV Solar arena. Together, the Association, and ASGA members like NCRE work to develop best practices that will support both shepherds and solar developers; to both effectively manage solar installations and create new agribusiness profits.

We are excited to help increase the representation of mutual benefit between solar development and shepherding as a mutually beneficial relationship within their respective industries.

As the renewable energy industry continues to evolve, it begins to affect everyone; from energy customers getting lower energy rates through renewable community programs, to counties, business owners, and landowners partnering and benefitting from solar and wind developments.

NCRE and ASGA are committed to working with the local communities to bring the most green value possible to solar developments across the U.S.

For more information on development opportunities, or to connect with someone from NCRE’s commercial or technical departments, please follow this link.

To connect with ASGA and learn about their work, see www.solargrazing.org and email info@solargrazing.org.