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Our Solar Success

a simplified strategy

NCRE projects are valuable assets for our investors because they follow a predictable and proven development process, perfected over many years and across multiple states.

Every project begins with the property owner and determination of capacity on the nearby High Voltage power lines. We then rapidly proceed to determine any ecological or natural obstacles and work closely with the local community and authority on an initial feasibility study.


The Power Utility will tell us if we can achieve an economically attractive interconnection to the electricity grid. This can sometimes take a long time, and NCRE’s team of engineers will keep you informed about progress and (im)possibilities. Simultaneously, NCRE works with the local authority to gain permits for the construction achieving ‘Ready to Build’ status as early as possible.

Once construction begins NCRE is closely involved to answer any questions from the property owner, the utility, or the local community. Soon the project will be operational, quietly generating clean electricity and revenue; the perfect neighbor!