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Solar racking is unlikely to harm soil

Utility Scale solar farms require a racking system to support the photovoltaic modules. The most common setup of this system is galvanized steel support posts, pile-driven into the ground with aluminium frames mounted to the posts to create a solid structure to hold the solar panels. Due to the extended contact of soil and steel, there is a need to understand the ability to safely install galvanized steel posts in any soil, avoiding premature corrosion and unsafe levels of material leaching into the soil during the lifespan of a solar project.”

Using data provided from the EMSL Analytical Inc. laboratory, American Galvanizer’s Association, and EPA among other resources, North Carolina Renewable Energy compiled a report that concluded:

“…any land with the zoning capacity for solar development would not have soil corrosive enough for an entire galvanized steel post to contaminate it. If an unlikely scenario did occur and posts do leach into the ground, any contamination in the soil will likely be negligible. At the end of the service life of a solar project, the land can easily be returned to its original state.”

If you are interested in reading the entire report, request a copy from our contact page: http://ncre.solar/contact/