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Sustainable investing: Resilience amid uncertainty

The tremendous toll of the COVID-19 crisis – on health, economic well-being, and everyday activity – has precipitated a widespread reassessment of the way we live our lives. For governments, businesses, and investors, an essential question has been to understand the sources of resilience during these past few months and how to build on them to prepare for future crises.

Sustainability has been tested during the COVID-19 crisis and we believe it will be even more important in how we invest and how companies become successful. Sustainability issues become more salient going forward.

“90% of sustainable indices outperformed their parent Benchmark”

See the video where Brian Deese, Global Head of Sustainable Investing of BlackRock Bottom Line, discusses the strength of sustainable investing so far this year and its outlook for the rest of 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zygUxZJC_cs