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Who we are

The company and the team

Our team will work tirelessly to help you understand the details of solar development in any of the states we operate in, and present you with easy to follow steps to take a project from plan to reality in the shortest possible time. We look after all the required paperwork and permits, including the interconnection, zoning, and contact with the community around you.

Our solar projects are widely regarded as some of the highest quality developments in the eastern United States.


NCRE is unlike other solar companies. You will not find us over promising, or trying to pressure you into a deal. Our southern roots keep us straight, honest, and direct. You know where you stand, you know we’ll work hard for you, and you know that our success is tightly linked to yours. We look forward to working with you.

Our Partner Company

In 2016 PS Renewables invested in NCRE to assist in the expansion of both businesses. PS Renewables had already earned its reputation as a high quality developer and EPC for more than 10 years in Europe, with more than 400MW of projects delivered. Through the investment, NCRE gained a valuable customer for its projects as well as an invaluable partner in the development of its solar projects and growth strategy. The experience that PS Renewables brings in Engineering, Construction, and Procurement of solar farms makes sure that the projects developed by NCRE are of even higher quality and value.

You can see more at psrenewables.com.


The Development Team

NCRE’s development team operates across five states with over a dozen team members. We pride ourselves on the size of our team and its ability to achieve fully developed solar sites at a steady rate without compromising our dedication to our customers. For nearly a decade we have created more than 100 projects with a capacity of more than 3 GW, a figure we are proud to say generates the equivalent of the annual average energy consumption of 300,000 family homes.